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eye clinic in pune

COMPREHENSIVE EYE TEST; Includes refraction (testing for spectacle power),slit lamp examination, checking of eye pressures and examination of the retina.

Information For Patients

Detailed Glaucoma Work Up:


  • Tonometry
  • Gonioscopy,
  • Assessment of the optic nerve and retina and their documentation with Photos,
  • Perimetry & Pachymetry.
  • Tests like Biometry and OCT of the optic nerve are also done where indicated.

Laser procedures and surgery for treatment of glaucoma are also available.

Pre Refractive surgery(LASIK/PRK) evaluation and counseling

YAG laser procedures (capsulotomy/iridotomy)

Other Facilities :

  • Fundus photography and retinal angiography
  • Contact lenses fitting and dispensing.
  • Squint evaluation and therapy.
  • Hess charting & synaptophore.
  • Visual field charting for neurologic indications and drug toxicity screening.